Better Core Values For Better Results
We focus on 5 CORE VALUES that ensure our team is dedicated to improving skills and your growth.
We Stay Curious.
We believe that agencies should NOT only drive results but be a trendsetter for their clients— sharing the latest techniques and wins. We stay curious and open-minded. We are always learning. Always testing. And always improving.
We Stay Humble.
Some agencies pound their chest just to get noticed. While we always work to be the best, we check our egos at the door. We are always open to feedback. And we are good teammates that don’t try to suck all of the oxygen out of the room.
We Own It.
We own problems. We own results. We own our process. We are problem solvers that react with urgency. We only produce work that we can be proud of. And we often ask ourselves, "is this how I would spend money if I hired someone for this service?"
We Are Transparent.
Some agencies would rather sit in the corner & stay silent. We are open & honest, especially when it hurts. We share our thinking and reasoning behind decisions. We focus on our quality & frequency of communication with you.
We Are Fearless.
If you want typical results, go with the typical agency. If you want big wins, you should work with a team that is fearless. Some of our biggest wins have been tied to our willingness to think outside the box & to be different.
Are you tired of poor results, bad communication & agencies focused more on their growth than yours?
Work with an agency that values you & your goals.
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People Love Working With Us For A Reason
We love our clients & they love us. See what some of our AMAZING clients had to say.

If you have a chance to hire the Sweat Pants Agency, then you need to. They are easily the best growth team I’ve ever seen. They spend the time getting to know your customers and they turn that into efficient and effective marketing.

Ryan Hogan
CEO, Hunt A Killer

Sweat Pants Agency has been with us since the beginning, and they've been key to our success. They're an amazing partner - flexible, helpful, performance-driven, and excellent communicators. We couldn't have done it without them!

Cherie Kloss
Founder, Snapnurse

Sweat Pants Agency is an extension of our team providing a full service (with fun personalities) that isn't easy to come by. They are always looking at trends and concepts to take our marketing to the next level.

Esthur Checksfield
Marketing Planning Manager, SugarWish

They look at your business as "their business". Even in their day-to-day language, they will often say "we" and "us" when referring to your business. If they are willing and able to take you on, I would definitely recommend jumping at the chance.

Chad Hamzeh
Founder, The Last Coat

I hate marketing agencies. They all suck… except for Sweatpants. Most agencies are filled with middling talent and are focused on growing their own business. Eric and Landon are very rare partners who care as much about your company as you do and are also damn good at what they do.

Alice Li
Co-Founder, First Day

What can I say? Their reputation precedes them. Actually working with them is a lesson in humility. Good digital marketing takes work. This isn’t magic. It’s data, math, constant testing, and above all a concerted effort to constantly be in communication.

Mike Rogge
CEO, Mountain Gazette

I really enjoy working with the Sweatpants team. When it comes to email, they get our brand voice and the copy rarely needs editing. Their email design team is fantastic. They come up with fun, engaging designs that have drastically improved our email performance.

Jen Rea
VP of Marketing, The Crafter’s Box

Why Work With Us?
We founded Sweat Pants Agency because we as brand owners and entrepreneurs were sick and tired of the typical agency antics. Over-promising and under-delivering, the finger-pointing, and in general just poor performance across the board. Sweat Pants Agency is your dedicated growth partner.
Nothing is worse than not knowing where things stand. We are 100% transparent and enjoy having an open dialog with our customers.
Build Internal Skills
Nothing is worse than not knowing where things stand. We are 100% transparent and enjoy having an open dialog with our customers.
Full Picture Marketers
Regardless of the service we’re providing, we take a comprehensive, holistic approach to ensure maximum impact.
Better Than Hiring In-House
The days of the marketing generalist are over. You need highly-skilled labor for every aspect of your marketing mix.
Ready To Work With the Best?
Let’s jam about marketing & see if this is a fit.
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